Core: Abyssia
The structured Abyssia and chaotic Void were created when two human souls controlled their powers and refused to let themselves fade away. Life forms from Intermidi of planet 00-CORE were then able to transcend to these afterlifes with their memories and consciences. A war in Intermidi has moved on into the afterlife after all of the soldiers died. Void is now ripping through Abyssia and infecting unstable areas as well as taking hostages due to claims of Abyssia keeping more than half of dead human souls. The creator of Abyssia sends their Guardian separately from the army to take care of the mess. The ending of this war does not matter; it is what happens to this existentially-confused Guardian, other beings, and the unstable land that makes all the difference.


Perrelor Legowsky: Our hero-- or at least someone who should be. He was one of the strongest Intermidi soldiers in the war. Now that he is blessed as the Guardian, he must wipe out all Void infections from Abyssia and protect those who are unable to do it themselves. Perrelor is not fond of his job, however, nor is he overjoyed with the thought of existing the way he is for all eternity due to his Guardianship.

Leilah AKA "Rylie": A spirit that looks human but was never living in the first place. She is given by the queen to Perrelor shortly after he finds her as a "little girl". She is slowly growing into an adult despite the afterlife having no true aging speed if any at all. In the beginning, Rylie is weak and highly dependent on Perrelor. People suspect that she may be an angel.

Silentte Rishaud: A powerful man with a heart of gold and some other ingredients that no one comprehends. He is the Ambassador of Abyssia and therefore has the sixth sense of being able to feel people's emotions. This makes him an excellent people's rep as well as a supportive friend. Silentte is Perrelor's eternal partner in both life and death. They have some history together, but that is not important.


Ayane Dufrane: Void's Guardian and high-ranking Sloth Sin soldier. Ayane is a cold and calculating sniper that is always ready to go in for the kill; she is even to knock afterlife spirits unconscious with her shots. Though Guardian, she never goes out of the way to protect her land. She finds any job not assigned to her unneeded and tiresome. Ayane is responsible for the deaths of Perrelor and Lee Legowsky.

Melantha: This young girl practically materialized in front of Ayane. Melantha, though stronger than Rylie in the beginning, was deemed "useless" by all of Void's commanders due to her lower potential power. This brush-off has embittered her and now she seeks to take revenge on Rylie for just existing. Ayane, tired of her presence, has Sin Commander Wrath babysit her (much to his aggravation.)

Beldona Versai: Void's Ambassador and high-ranking Lust Sin soldier. She uses her attractive looks and natural charm to weasel out information from anyone she wants. She is known to use twist the emotions of her rivals against them. She has an intense rivalry with Silentte and is always trying to get under his skin. Beldona is responsible for the executions of the Intermidi War as well as Silentte Rishaud's killing.